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               CALL TO ACTION!!!

Now what? How can I take an active part in the Art Revolution?

                            Think global- Act local 

Well, for starters, participate in the local Art Army outpost as much as you want. Some groups are much more active than others.

Reachout & connect. The outposts are organized as Facebook pages, & you can find one by typing “art army” then your city. If we don’t have a group set up in your city & you are an inspired motivated person & want to start one, let us know & we can start one up for you. 


The outposts (Facebook pages) are platforms to showcase your amazing  inspiring art & the creativity in your city. Art, music, events, recipes, you name it, we want to experience it! The culture & art of your city will ultimately be featured on our ArtNews channel- On the Front Lines with the Art Army. Our outposts leaders being our art correspondents covering art exhibitions, concerts, etc. will be shared with the world.   


On the street- REPRESENT! Wear our official gear, or really step out in our AA Couture, where art meets fashion. Take pics of yourself in front of any cool creative thing. Post & share. If you’re not in any AA gear, you can still represent by flashing the Art Army hand-symbol. We are ONE!


 When you meet fellow creators of all sorts, please share our global army of artists with them, & our message- that “everyone is an artist”, give a S.R.M. to every cool creative person you meet. We encourage visiting & connecting with other AA outposts all over the globe. Our tribe are the best people ever to meet, & often times lifelong friendships & collaborations are made. 



To be part of the Art Army is free. It’s an idea. One that anyone can have, rich or poor. 

For those who want to help support the endeavors of the AA we have created a tiered membership program with fun perks.

We are a 501c non profit corporation. 


Platinum members        $25,000                    

Private art party 

Choice of premier Art offerings

exclusive NFT offerings

Framed SRM


AA Fashion


Gold member                $5000

Exclusive Art offerings

exclusive NFT offerings

Framed SRM


AA Fashion


Silver member             $ 1000    

exclusive Art & NFT offerings

Full AA Pac


Supporter     $25 month

AA giftbox sent quaterly of various items. That can include items from the AA Pac


The AA Pac is various brand products or items that could include (original art, a shirt, hat. SRMs or stickers).

Newsletter subscription

AA Fashion is original branded one-of-a-kind apparel, made by artists.  

Exclusive art & NFT offerings are original works of art made by AA artists, which include paintings, sculpture, jewelry, & original digital blockchains works as well. These sales will be made available to our exclusive members only. 

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