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From the desk of the ART ARMY HEADQUARTERS...

Our message is that we are here to celebrate the Freedom of Expression & Help Others Do The Same. "Everyone is an Artist" 

The world is changing so fast. We cant all see everything from every direction all the time. There is a solution in working together & the ART ARMY is focusing way down the road in the collective pursuit and ultimate mission of oneness.

It is time that we bring the artists of the world together as ONE team to shape our experience here as we would like it to be. By working together we have the ability to combine the most powerful creative forces to achieve limitless possibilities and a pretty exciting quality of life during the process! Together is the only way to achieve some big things and ART & creative expression is the glue that extends across all the world's diversity. We are creating a global artist network, offering artists the opportunity to share & connect like never before. We need people to work together and support each other. Now is your chance to be part of the ART ARMY REVOLUTION, participate and change the world.

If you are an artist & an organizer & would like to start an ART ARMY OUTPOST in your area, let us know! We will show you how...

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We are changing the world, & YOU are making the difference.

Welcome to the global family of Creators!


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