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From the desk of the ART ARMY HEADQUARTERS...

Welcome fellow Art Revolutionaries! 

The world is changing so fast & we are faced with almost insurmountable problems. The solution is working together.


The ART ARMY is focused to individual & collective development & the pursuit and ultimate mission of representing oneness.

It is time to bring the Artists of the world together as ONE team to shape our experience here. By working together we have the ability to combine the most powerful creative forces to achieve limitless possibilities and enrich our lives too!. We are creating a global artist network, offering creative people the opportunity to share & connect like never before. Now is your chance to be part of the ART ARMY REVOLUTION, participate and change the world.

If you are an artist & an organizer & would like to start an ART ARMY OUTPOST in your area, let us know! We will show you how...

Your details were sent successfully! If you need immediate assistance- call or text- 386-527-3318

We are changing the world & YOU are making the difference.

Welcome to the global family of Creators!


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