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ART ARMY Art Party's are gatherings of fun-loving people drawn together to enjoy exhibited art, interactive art, & performance art. Not only are the guests engaged in our immersive world- they experience inspiration, & to learn how to tap into the Creator within!

   From custom-built and installed decor, interior/exterior design, temporary or permanent installations, to fun creative games and programming, we can turn your event plans into an unforgettable experience. 


As entertainment or as a serious way to learn creative skills, an Art Party leaves an indelible mark on all who experience it. Sometimes the smallest spark of inspiration or knowledge can launch an individual into a world they had only dreamed of. It's amazing how quickly lives can change. From the most advanced technical artists to the ones "without a creative bone in their body", there is always something to relate to, appreciate, & learn. Everyone who comes to our Art Party leaves a different person.

4th of July
Heps Fury
Cirque DuSoliel
mad hatter
Born in America
Live art
Twisted Art
Fire poi on South Street
art party @ 509
art party people
live art
Day of the Dead, Philly
dancing with the little ones
I am the ART
CommUNITY mural
setting up
Art Party DeLand Museum

Also for the corporate world - it is an opportunity to relish in a world without rules, to rub elbows with professional artists, step to the edge of imagination open up to dynamic perspectives and find the artist, the actor, & the musician within. To not just say, but to believe that Everyone is an Artist.

Themed  Events - You can't have more fun, & have a cooler world to be in for a night than an art party themed event. From the classical renaissance, with period wardrobe, to psychedelic Cirque, Dali & Warhol, you will walk in a world you had only seen in pictures. To see life as the art it is.

   Considering the spiritual, an Art Party gathers all the creative thought concerning the spirit, & focuses it into a concise pinpoint of thought-


"The Creator resides within me, & as I live creatively, I am more & more akin to the Source of creation"


I am creating this world, this reality, with my thoughts, words, & deeds. We are indeed the Art. Young & old, rich or poor, we are all given talents, the gifts of creation, it's up to us to gain access to our abilities and to find out what to do with them.

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