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Art Army partners
with NiftyKit

Creating a collection with us offers numerous

benefits and features:


- Soulbound Token: Turn NFTs into non-transferable digital identities for various use cases.


- Blockchain platforms: We mint on cross-platforms including Ethereal, Polygon, & Binance. .

- Generative Collection: Upload assets to create unique images for NFTs, allowing for infinite variations.

- Royalty Update: Adjust royalty percentage anytime after minting the collection.

- Share To Earn: Distribute and earn a percentage of NFT sales through a NiftyKit hosted site.

- ERC-20: Accept various ERC-20 tokens as payment for NFTs.

- Augmented Reality: Create token-gated AR experiences for the community.

- Crossmint: Enable NFT purchases with credit cards and other cryptocurrencies.

- Pay What You Want: Allow buyers to choose their payment amount for NFTs.

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