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The Art Army is an idea...
that we are ALL artists, that everyone is creative.
That we ALL have a Creator spark within us.
We are a global army of artists... 
who are changing this world through our art & creativity.
We are a not-for-profit organization to promote the
Creative Spirit in all beings.

It might just be an idea... 
but it's one that can transform your life & change your world forever. 


Public Art

Throughout the last 3 decades the ART ARMY has produced many large scale murals projects for both

private & municipal organizations.


Our artists have won many awards & achievements. Our first official mural won the city of DeLand  the National Downtown 

Redevelopment Award.  


THE ART ARMY is a global network of artists now in over 100 cities worldwide.


 Representing all the conscious Creators on the planet, we are organized as outposts in various cities.


Within our ranks is every resource, skill & talent. 

Our Brick & Mortar facilities in some cities include artist studio, recording both video & audio, lodging, exhibition & event space. 


We are an army of Art Warriors, a family of conscious Creators.


The ART ARMY is the most generous, kind & loving family you could ever have.


Spanning across continents, our troops are not just friends, but are fellow brothers & sisters in the pursuit of representing Oneness.

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