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We, the people of the planet earth, in order to form a more perfect union, establish the

freedom of expression, provide the opportunity for creativity and imagination and promote the

realization of our hopes and dreams for the spiritual liberation of ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Spiritual Renaissance Manifesto for all.

Article 1- We are the art.

Article 2- Everyone is creative, everyone is an artist.

Article 3- Art is expression. Art can be, but is not limited by, technique, craftsmanship or representationalism.

Article 4- We are conscious of the everyday drama happening around us.

Article 5- We, therefore, understand that we are all actors on the stage of life.

Article 6- Everything in the world is made of vibrations, music is vibration, therefore we are music.

Article 7- Art has but one rule: there are no rules.


Article 8- The arts have no racial, gender, age, religious, cultural or any other boundary of any kind.

Article 9- In living creatively, we are acting more and more akin to the source of creation and when we experience the art of living, we have found and become part of "the Creator".

Article 10- We collectively and individually make up the creative spirit of this plane of existence.

Article 11- We, the creative spirit of the universe, the musicians, dancers, actors, poets, plumbers, architects, carpenters, lawyers, doctors, mechanics, and gardeners, and all of the other artists of the world are destined to and are actively pursuing the evolution of consciousness on this planet, resulting in Love, Truth, Beauty, Harmony and Peace.

Article 12- We are one.

Article 13- All of this is completely "made up", and since your entitled to your own opinion, and expression, you can make it up too. Whatever you want. It is up to you.

Do you want your dreams to come true? Do you want Heaven on Earth?

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